Angela Detmold


Angela Detmold
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#413-4774 Westwinds Drive NE Calgary, AB T3J 0L7
I am a born and raised Calgarian, who was brought up to believe that success finds those who work hard to find it.

During high school I owned and operated a successful facilities services company as a sole proprietor. Learning at a young age about business, professionalism and the direct correlation between hard work and results proved to be some of the most valuable lessons I've learned.

A few years after high school, I sold my company and began studying the stock market quite diligently. I spent several years learning the in’s and out’s of stock and option trading. Having a new found interest in finance, I began post secondary. I went to school to be an Accountant.. While in school part time, I worked full time as a customer service representative to high ratio investors in a down trending economy. It was through this experience that I truly learned the value of an informed advisor who puts their clients first as well as the importance of knowing all of the options available while making financial decisions.

After my graduation from SAIT Polytechnic, I worked as an Accountant for many years in the Media Production industry. I began to discover my passion for Real Estate when I purchased my first home in Coventry Hills. After purchasing my second home I knew my passion and enthusiasm for the industry had come to fruition.

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